ARCHIVES October 26, 2006


One-Stop Voting Continues Through November 4

Elections 2006Business has been brisk at Watauga County’s two one-stop voting sites since early voting began last Thursday, and you still have the opportunity to vote early and miss the crowds!

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“Jerry Garcia” vs. Dr. Ray Russell

Nothing says winter like a good-old weather forecast battle between a doctor and a worm. Find out who won - and what the weather's supposed to be like this winter!



Daylight Saving Time Ends

clockDon't forget to turn your clock back this weekend! Read about the Effects on Animals, Circadian Rhythms


Arun GandhiArun Gandhi comes to the High Country as part of Lees-McRae College's Global Awareness Week

Kathleen McFadden interviews the peace warrior and finds out that All They Are Saying … Is Give Peace a Chance

Lees-McRae College Global Community Week Focuses on Pathways to Peace October 29 to November 3

Steep Slope Series

• Steep Slope Protest Petitions Flood Development Services

• Citizens Raise Concerns at Town Steep Slope Information Session

• Speakers Oppose Revised Steep Slope Regs at Second Public Hearing

• What The Steep Slope and Viewshed Protection Regulations Require



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Community News


Watsonatta ownersWatsonatta Western World

Serving The Horse and The Horse’s Boss For 37 Years
As the owner of Watsonatta Western World, Darrel Watson, 59, has had a front row seat to King Street for almost four decades, selling cowboy boots, hats, caps, men’s and lady’s clothes, leather coats, genuine furs, purses, leather handbags, saddlebags, belts, belt buckles and some of his own designs. FULL STORY

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He’s Back! The Nut Man Returns to High Country

Mountain Living: Each week Amy Cooke features a different recipe.

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Events & Entertainment

Halloween GhostHave Spooky Fun for Halloween

Ghouls, ghosts and goblins of the High Country beware; Halloween festivities are, in many cases, haunting a little early this year because the year’s scariest holiday falls on a Tuesday. Be not afraid, however; plenty of candy will be available to go around for costumed revelers willing to brave the spooky streets. FULL STORY

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Live Music

Brewer's BriefsBrewer’s Briefs:

Spotlighting live music in the High Country.