March 29, 2007 issue

Students Awarded in Wetlands are Wonderful Contests

Through the efforts of Education Coordinator Donna Harmon and ASU intern Andi Cochran, the Watauga County Soil and Water Conservation District presented programs to 513 students in six schools in Watauga County for the annual Soil and Water contests.

This year’s contest topic was Wetlands Are Wonderful.

Our ancestors were known to say that the only good wetland was a drained one, but today, the value of untouched wetlands is clearer. We now understand that they support complex food webs, cleanse our water supply, protect us from floods, provide recreational opportunities and supply commercial products. This year’s contests encouraged students to find out for themselvTori Derreckses the value of wetlands to our society.

The fourth graders participated in a t-shirt contest, while the fifth graders designed a poster. Sixth graders wrote an essay on the topic, and seventh and eighth graders delivered speeches. All the entries were judged and the winners received money and ribbons at the school and county levels.

The winners received awards at the annual awards ceremony on March 20. The first, second and third place winners in each category received ribbons and cash awards totaling $830. Other students received Honorable Mention ribbons.

The first place school winners competed at the county level, and the first place winners from the county competed at the area level against the winners from 12 other counties.

Four local students won awards at the area competition.

Sierra Hill received an Honorable Mention in the fourth grade contest for her T-shirt. Tori Derrick won second place in the poster contest for fifth graders. Adam Patton from Hardin Park received third place for his essay at the area competition. Kristin Miller from Green Valley received an Honorable Mention at the area level in the eighth grade speech contest.

The District recognizes and applauds these students and all the others who participated in the contests for a job well done and thanks everyone who had a part in making the program possible. The District feels it is very important to help educate the students of today because they are the decision-makers of tomorrow. Protecting our natural resources for the future is important to all of us.

This program is made possible through funds received from Watauga County and the continued support of the Watauga Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors. A special thanks to Papa John’s, Domino’s and Cici’s for their donations of pizzas.


And the Winners Are…

Students in fourth through eighth grades at six Watauga County schools participated in the annual Soil and Water Conservation District contests. Fourth graders participated in a t-shirt contest, fifth graders in a poster contest, sixth graders in an essay contest and seventh and eighth graders in a speech contest. Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

T-Shirt Contest

Hardin Park T-shirt Contest Winners

First Place—Sierra Hill – First Place County Winner!

Second Place—Abigail Rasmussen

Third Place—Caitlin Barrier

Honorable Mention—Victoria Stapleton, Kauner Michael

Bethel T-shirt Contest Winners

First Place—Colby Scott – Second Place County Winner!

Second Place—Alex Reese

Third Place—Andrea Howell

Blowing Rock T-shirt Contest Winners

First Place—Katy Guinn – Third Place County Winner!

Second Place—Alex Reese

Third Place—Rachel Norwood

Honorable Mention—Taylor Sauder, Kennedy Kavanaugh

Poster Contest

Parkway Poster Contest Winners

First Place—Tori Derrick – First Place County Winner!

Second Place—Aaron Williams

Third Place—Kayla Sutton

Blowing Rock Poster Contest Winners

First Place—Nathan Bolick – Second Place County Winner!

Second Place—Allie Anagnos

Third Place—Leah Moore and Josh Kirby tied

Green Valley Poster Contest Winners

First Place—Katie Opalecky – Third Place County Winner!

Second Place—Matthew Rice

Third Place—Keith South

Honorable Mention—Heather McCurry and Tré Grubb

Bethel Poster Contest Winners

First Place—Trevor Eggers – County Honorable Mention!

Second Place—Daniel Ward

Third Place—Zachary Wilson

Valle Crucis Poster Contest Winners

First Place—Silas Keeter-Scarlata – County Honorable Mention!

Second Place—Kylie McCoury

Third Place—Ray Black

Essay Contest

Hardin Park Essay Contest Winners

First Place—Adam Patton – First Place County Winner!

Second Place—Sam Weeks

Third Place—Madison Harman

Blowing Rock Essay Contest Winners

First Place—Ashlyn VanDyke – Second Place CountyWinner!

Second Place—Zachary Brown

Third Place—Emily Hinshaw

Speech Contest

Bethel 7th Grade Speech Winners

First Place—Arrington Hense – First Place County Winner, 7th Grade!

Second Place—Elizabeth Lenord

Third Place—Heather Perry

Green Valley 8th Grade Speech Winners

First Place—Kristin Miller – First Place County Winner!

Second Place—Jordan LaPointe

Third Place—Megan South

Bethel 8th Grade Speech Winners

First Place—Deanna Reary – Second Place County Winner!

Second Place—Amanda Fields

Third Place—Kayla Stevens